SCM NEW ME35TR Automatic Edge Bander with Pre Milling and Corner Rounding

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Product Features

A new combined end cutting-rounding unit with rigid structure for unique quality processing in its market segment. Now the rounding process is available for all workshops.

Panel edge surface without any imperfections before the gluing operation. Utilizes 2 diamond tools with opposing rotation and timed intervention, that corrects any panel imperfections.

Having the end cutting unit doesn’t increase the overall dimensions of the machine, therefore allowing a considerable reduction in costs compared to the traditional solutions.

In this way, the machine's performance and versatility are like no other in this section of the Edge Banding market.

Includes :


Rapid Glue Pot Substitution
Panel Heating
Anti Adhesive Unit
Brushing Unit


– control panel on machine infeed side
– machine frame made of high rigidity ribbed steel to guarantee an excellent
support for the operating units
– top thick steel pressure beam with rubber coated wheels
– exclusive feed truck
– manual adjustment of top beam with automatic positioning of the operating
units according to the selected panel thickness
– numeric indicator of the selected panel thickness
– glue smokes specific exhaust outlet;
– panel support roller which can be extended on the entire length of the machine
– safety enclosure
– electrical cabinet with PLC, padlockable main switch and overload protection
– emergency push buttons

Specification Includes :

Self-lubrication system of the glue pot

with high frequency motors, front copying pads with chrome plated surfaces, and vertical copying discs for an accurate positioning of tools with reference to the cutting point.
Special end cutting unit with “radius” function
It is installed in place of the standard end cutting unit, during the process of cutting of the front and rear exceeding edge; it rounds-off the angles of the edge banded panel carrying out a radius edge.
When edge banding solid wood, the end cutting with “Radius” function, however, will carry out a straight cut.
It is directly controlled from the control panel.
It is complete with:
- no. 1 high frequency motor (0,19 kW – 12.000 rpm)
- no. 1 blade Ø 125 mm Z12
N.B. - It is available only for the ME 35T
- For an optimal finish, it is advisable to use the pre-milling unit

For the finishing of 2 mm PVC/ABS edges (other thicknesses upon request).
It assures an excellent vibration free finish thanks to its high rigidity structure.
High working precision thanks to the horizontal and vertical copying discs, which assure an accurate positioning of the knives in relation to the cutting point.
Pair of knives included (R= 2mm; other thicknesses upon request).
Manual exclusion of the unit.

It eliminates any excess of glue in the joint between panel and edge, improving the panel cleaning.

Diamond tools kit for pre-milling unit

- worktable dimensions [mm] 3000 x 525
- worktable height [mm] 904
- thickness of rolled edges [mm] 0,4 ÷ 3
- thickness of edges in strips [mm] up to 5
- min. ÷ max. panel height [mm] 8 ÷ 50
- min. panel length/width with rolled edges [mm] 190/110
- min. panel length cut only on the front [mm] 120
- feed speed [m/min] 7
- feed motor power (S1) [kW] 0,55
- pneumatic operating pressure [bar] 6,5
- exhaust outlet diameter (glue pot) [mm] 60
- no. 2 exhaust outlets diameter (trimming unit) [mm] 60
- no. 2 exhaust outlets diameter (“me 35 T” pre-milling unit) [mm] 80
- operating temperature [°C] 20 ÷ 190

Premilling unit :(ME 35 TR):
- motor power (S1) [kW] 2,2
- blade rotation speed [rpm] 9.000
- no. 2 widia cutters (std) Ø 80 mm H56 Z2
- no. 2 diamond widia cutters (opt) Ø 80 mm H56 Z2
- stock removal [mm] 0,5/1/1,5/2

Glue pot unit:
- motor power (S1) [kW] 0,18
- glue capacity [kg] ~ 0,8

End cutting unit:
- motor power (S1) [kW] 0,19
- end cutting blade Ø 125 mm Z24
- blade rotation speed [rpm] 12.000

Trimming unit:
- upper/lower motor power (S1) [kW] 2 x 0,35
- widia cutters Ø 55,3 mm Z3
- cutters rotation speed [rpm] 12.000
- vertical/horizontal copying devices disc/pad

Technical specification

  • Now available to Order in Single Phase + £485
NEW ME35TR Automatic Edge Bander with Pre Milling and Corner Rounding