Maggi THE NO.1 BEST SELLING - STEFF 2034 Power Feed Unit

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Product Features

The Proffessional Choice
Industrial Automatic Power Feed Unit

Quality Product Italian Made.

Technical specification

- motor power 0,7/1 Hp
- feeding speeds 4-8-11-22 m/min
- 3 rollers 120 x 60mm diam

Three rollers - 4 steady speeds back and forward motion.2 speeds are obtained by changing the position of the gears inside the housing, while the other 2 speeds result from rotary switch 1400-2800rpm.

MAIN MAGGI / STEFF Stockist and Distributor in the UK.

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Technical specification

  • Heavy duty fully universal stand
  • Replacement rubber rollers
  • Hard wearing interchangeable gears
  • Resistant and protective electrostatic power paint
  • Motor power enables any kind of feeding

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THE NO.1 BEST SELLING - STEFF 2034 Power Feed Unit