Maggi NEW STEFF 2068 Power Feed Unit

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Product Features

The Proffessional Choice
Industrial Automatic Power Feed Unit

Quality Product Italian Made.

Technical specification

- motor power 0,7/1 Hp
- feeding speeds 4-8-11-22 m/min
- 6 rollers 120 x 60mm diam

Six rollers - 8 steady speeds back and forward motion.2 speeds are obtained by changing the position of the gears inside the housing, while the other 2 speeds result from rotary switch 1400-2800rpm.

Thanks to a gear shift the user can choose among a double range of speeds and easily select the most suitable one.

Motor power enables any kind of feeding
Resistant and protective electrostatic power paint
Hard wearing interchangeable gears
Replacement rubber rollers
Heavy duty fully universal stand


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Technical specification

  • Weight 75Kgs
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY

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NEW STEFF 2068 Power Feed Unit