SCM SPECIAL OFFER - TF130 PS Class Heavy Duty Spindle Moulder with Sliding Tenon Carriage

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Product Features

Technical specification

- worktable dimensions 1080 x 760mm
- working height of spindle 180mm
- spindle speeds 3000,4500,6000,8000,10000
- main motor power 7.5 Hp
- spindle daimeter 30mm

Spindle Moulder fence with mechanical adjustment
Aluminium Fences
T Set Spindle Locking
Mk5 Interchangeable spindle
Electric speed display dial (CE and electrical protections versions)
Electrical presetting for feeder (CE version)
Reverse spindle rotation
with electrical interlocking for reverse operation
Emergency pushbutton
Safety microswitches on spindle locking (CE version)
Safety microswitch on motor access door
Padlockable main switch
Overload switch protection
Auxiliary low voltage circuit (110 volt)
Automatic brake on main motor (CE version)

PS Version with front sliding carriage integrated on the tenoning and profiling table (CE version)
complete with:
front carriage (1080x270 mm dimensions) sliding on hardened and rectified bar through ball bushing (1000 mm stroke)
tenoning table
+45°/-45° tiltable telescopic fence with reference to the feed direction. It is complete with no.4 reference stops for programming of workpiece length
eccentric clamp
- tenoning hood with exhaust hood:
* with 30-35 mm spindle, max.tool diam. 300mm
* with 40-50 mm spindle, max. tool diam. 350mm
operator arm protection
microswitches for control and limit of 3000/4500 rpm during tenoning operation

Technical specification

  • Speed display dial
  • Automatic braking on motor
  • Electrical pre-setting for feeder
  • Safety micro switches on motor access door and on spindle locking
  • Overload switch protection
  • Emergency push button stop
  • Mechanical digital readout of working height with decimal control

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SPECIAL OFFER - TF130 PS Class Heavy Duty Spindle Moulder with Sliding Tenon Carriage