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Product Features

Min./max. working width (finished sect) mm 3/180 Min./max. working height (finished sect) mm 6/105 Feed speed m/min 6 - 12
Spindles speed rpm 6000
Min. working width (finished section) 23mm Max. working width (finished section) 180mm Min. working height (finished section) 6mm
Max. working height (finished section) 105mm Min. length of single workpiece 300mm
Feed speed 6 - 12 m/min
Feed motor power 0,7/1,1 kW (1/1,5 Hp) Horizontal spindles motor power (single) 7,5 kW 10Hp)
Vertical spindles motor power (single) 7,5 kW (10 Hp)
Spindle speed 6000 rpm
Spindles diameter 35mm
Vertical spindles length 120mm
Horizontal spindles length 190mm
Min/max cutterheads diam. on horiz.spindles 100mm Min/max cutterheads diam. on vert spindles 100 - 120mm
Profiling cap. without axial stroke on vertical spindles 10mm
Groups adjustment with respect to the diameter of cuttersheads +/- 1mm
Feed rollers diameter 120mm

Infeed worktable length 2300mm
Feed Unit in front of 1st Bottom Head
4 x Tersa Planing Blocks
Fast adjustment of infeed table and fence 10mm
Manual pump for table lubrication STD

Exhaust outlets diameter no. 4@ 120mm
Equipment in conformity with CE Standards STD
Maximum efficiency with minimum overall dimensions.

Equipped with a pre-straightening system through the reference engraver placed on the inferior planer spindle.

Perfect feeding thanks to the manual pump for table lubrication and to the inferior idle roller placed on the outfeed table as standard features.

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SPECIAL OFFER New PROFISET 40 Four Sided Planer - Just Arrived